Permanent Make-up Brow Course

Through this course you will become a fully licensed Permanent Make-up

Artist specialising in transforming brows. Focusing on the techniques in

Ombre, Hair stroke/Nano, and Combination brows.

What is Permanent Make-up?

Permanent make-up brows, also known as digital brows or eyebrow tattooing, are a cosmetic procedure in which pigments are implanted into the skin's

upper layers to create the appearance of well-defined and long-lasting eyebrows. Within permanent makeup you can advance on to provide treatments

such as Lip-blush, Eyeliner and Scar Revision.

What techniques of brow will you learn?

Hairstroke/Nano-bladed Brows: Achieve a realistic look with individual hair-like strokes for natural-looking eyebrows.

Ombre Brows: Softly shaded gradient that offers a natural and polished appearance to your brows.

Combination Brows: Enjoy the best of both worlds with a blend of soft shading and realistic hairstrokes for flawless and versatile brows.

What content will be taught?

You will be taught :

  • 5 days in-house practical training with the opportunity to work on 4 real life models.

  • 2 live demonstrations.

  • Brow Theory.

  • How to conduct a thorough consultation.

  • How to map and pre-draw brows.

  • Hair stroke brow patterns.

  • How to take a professional photo.

  • Health and Safety and COSHH.

  • How to set up your work station.

What is involved in becoming a permanent makeup artist?

To become a permanent makeup artist you do not need previous experience within the beauty industry or to be a Nurse. However, you will need to complete a comprehensive beginners course like ours, and complete your case studies. You will also need to get your salon room approved by your local council, but don't worry, that’s why we are here to make the process run smoothly.

Course price


Finance options such as Klarna are available.

Contact us to check suitability, course dates,

and how to book on.

What is included

  • Full in-person 5 days Permanent Makeup brows training.

  • Starter kit including machine, inks and needles.

  • Weekly step by step training videos to teach you all the business start up knowledge you will need to know, to help you to succeed in the beauty industry.

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