Road map to Success!

This is a step-by-step guide showing you from start to

finish what to expect from booking to qualifying with us.

Let us help to onboard you

It all starts with a message. Send us a message on WhatsApp and we can answer any questions you have, or to book a call when you are free.

We will help make sure which path within the industry is right for you and go through course dates, and look through payment options to help you invest in your future.

Payment is taken through an invoice, with an easy payment link, or Klarna in an easy payment plan.

Once booked on we will send you your starter pack in the post to make sure you are ready for your course.

Brief overview of how your course is delivered

Your course is split into 4 sections over 4 months. Each month will focus on a different aspect of starting and running a successful beauty business.

This is delivered through our online and in-person training.

Each week you will receive a new step-by-step training video on our learning portal, teaching you how to build your beauty business from scratch.

Additionally, you will come into the Glam-Start hub to learn the hair and beauty skills of your choice and to gain your qualification.

Month 1

Everything you need to know before you start your beauty business.

How to prepare for success.

Differences in working in and working on your business and how to get this right from the start.

How to pick your branding/name and how to create this on Canva.

Basics of HRMC and accounting for self employment hosted by our in-house accountant.

How to set up your social media and what apps will help save you time.

Booking systems.

How to get all your forms ready in your booking system.

How to prepare and get your work space ready for clients.

How to get models.

Month 2

Practical training. Mastering your skill.

For your practical training your will come into our Glam-Start hub.

Your training will range from 3-5 days depending on the industry path you have chosen.

You will be taught the in-depth theory of your chosen subject, how to master your skill, and how to take a great social media photo.

This will be accompanied by an in-depth manual.

The next step will be to go away and practise, practise, and perfect.

Month 3

Sales and Marketing. How to find clients.

Through our online portal you will learn:

Sales and marketing.

How and what to post on your social media.

The importance of social media adverts, and how to create and monitor them.

How to sell in your DM's with our sales scripts.

Learn Meta business and TikTok adverts.

Month 4

How to avoid being overwhelmed and achieve long term success.

Through our online portal you will learn:

What KPI's are and how to monitor them.

How to manage your time to not become overwhelmed, and to achieve long term success.

Once you have your clients, how to keep them.

Email marketing.

General support.

Contact us

Contact us to have a chat, and we can help you with any questions you may have and help you pick the right path for you.

Send us a message on +44 7700 195 222

Call us on 01604 279799

or email us at [email protected]

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